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Google Event: Comic-Con Photo and Video Experience


UPDATE: The iPhone Google+ app has been updated to include Events so update your phones!!!

Comic-Con and technology are two of my biggest passions in life.  Any chance I get to combine the two is always a welcomed opportunity.  So when "Party Mode" for Google+ Events was introduced at this years Google I/O keynote I was ecstatic of the possibility to use this new technology for Comic-Con.  My idea on what Google+ Events can do is provide a visual experience for people who couldn't make it to SDCC plus at the end provide a nice encompassing visual of SDCC overall.  What "Party Mode" for Google+ Events does is allow people using an Android device (must have the latest Google+ app installed) to upload pictures or videos to an Events page in real time just by clicking a check box!  I couldn't believe that this new feature was being rolled out two weeks before SDCC it was kismet and I needed to try this.  I hope you all will also try along with me and participate in this experience as the results can be spectacular!

You don't need an Android device to participate in the Google+ Event so please join and contribute.  Here is an article from PC World showing how to use Google+ for an iPhone.  So you can take photos/videos with your iPhone and it can be uploaded to a private folder on your Google+ profile.  From here you will have get Google+ notifications of pictures/videos that were taken during the event and ask which you would like to upload post to the event.  Just click the photos/videos that you would like to post and click the share button on the top right.  This is great as you can do it during or after the event and it will post the pictures/videos in line according to it's time stamp!  Google+ Events makes it so easy!
Update: With the Google+ app being updated now iPhone users can join the event via their phone and now see the pictures in real time!!! 

The only real requirement to participate in a Google+ Event is to have a Google+ account.  I hope we have a big group for this as the more people that participate the more coverage of SDCC there will be and the possibilities endless for what can be covered!  So lets try and get a large group of people who are willing to participate and make this amazing! Please spread the word and let's see how this turns out!  Please e-mail me or contact me via twitter @evico if you want an invite or have any questions in general.

For people at home just join the Event through the link at the top of this article and you can see what people attending who are participating are seeing through their pictures/videos.  I am not sure how many people will participate but I promise I will take as many pictures as I can!

I have added an intro video to what Google+ Events is and also instructions on how to use "Party Mode" for Android users.

Any photos/videos taken by your device during the Event when "Party Mode" is checked will upload automatically!  So if there is a shot/video you DO NOT want uploaded please uncheck "Party Mode" on it.  Instructions are listed below on how to turn on/off "Party Mode"

Turn On Party Mode:

If you’ve RSVP'd that you’re going to an event, you’ll get a notification on your phone asking you to enable Party Mode when the event begins. You can also enable Party Mode from the event page on your phone 2 hours before the event begins.
  1. Touch the  icon in the upper left and select  Events
  2. Touch the event for which you’d like to enable Party Mode
  3. Switch from ON to OFF using the checkbox 
  4. If you would like to check-in to the event, you can do so by accepting the notification and making sure the Also let them know you’ve arrived checkbox  is selected.
If you’re having difficulty getting Party Mode to turn on, make sure that your Instant Upload Sync Adapteris on.
  • Sync must be enabled; you can adjust this setting here.
  • While Party Mode is on, you’ll see an ongoing notification  in the tray reminding you that the photos and videos you take will be shared.
  • Party Mode can only be used for one event at a time.
  • If Party Mode is on when another event starts, you will not receive a notification; the photos and videos you take will still automatically upload to the first event.
  • Party Mode will automatically stop sharing your photos and videos once the event has stopped.

Turning Off Party Mode

  1. Tap the navigation icon in the upper left, touch  Events
  2. Select the event for which you’d like to disable Party Mode
  3. Switch from ON to OFF using the checkbox 
    **You can also select the Party Mode notification from the Android tray and switch from ON to OFFusing the checkbox 

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